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Identification, treatment, quantification, analysis and reporting of value management initiatives, modelling, challenging.

Quant and Measur use a combination of planning tools and methods to find the optimum balance of project benefits in relation to project costs and risks. It is the process of planning, assessing and developing the project in order to make the right decisions about the optimized balance of the benefits, risks and costs. This increases the likelihood of producing the deliverables and creating the benefits.

Quant and Measur use Value Management as a method of highlighting possible opportunities to create value within a project and subsequently managing those solutions to ensure value is continuously delivered. Quant and Measur believes it encompasses the whole life cycle of a project, from design to completion and beyond. The process is undertaken in collaboration with the project team, understanding and managing the balance between cost, time and performance.

Quant and Measur Believes that the main benefit of Value Management is that it gives each and every project a clear path to create value through the understanding of client objectives as well as the needs and wants of the stakeholders. The route to delivery is agreed and developed with the full project team, with the understanding that solutions to achieve the objectives are reliable and cost-effective.