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Identification, treatment, quantification, analysis and reporting of risk including tolerances, schedule risk, risk management and review, modelling.

Quant and Measur can identify potential risks, assess the probability and impact of each risk, identifying alternative actions that may prevent the risk from happening, or if it does happen ameliorate the impact or provide a strategy for dealing with the accepted consequences. The Implementing and monitoring of those actions that are cost effective and necessary to the successful delivery of the project objectives and thereafter provide feedback from experiential learning to improve the risk management of future projects.

To ensure effectiveness, Quant and Measur anticipate and influence events before they happen by taking a proactive approach, provide knowledge and information about predicted events, inform and where possible improve the quality of decision making, recognising the hierarchy of risk avoidance, risk reduction, risk control, and risk acceptance, avoid covert assumptions and false definition of risks, assist in the delivery of project objectives in terms of benchmarked quality, time and cost thresholds, provide improved contingency planning and provide verifiable records of risk planning and risk control.