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Order of cost estimates and Cost Planning.

Utilising our widespread knowledge base, we are able to offer a variety of cost planning and estimating services from new build-through to office fit-out and high street retail refurbishment.

Cost planning can forecast the likely expenditure of a project and ensure that value for money is being achieved. It provides clients with the information to enable projects to go ahead, with the certainty provided by financial and commercial security.

Estimating is the evaluation of a project, based upon a scope of works. There are a variety of ways in which estimating can be undertaken and we are experienced in these different methods to suit the needs of a specific project or client requirement.

Cost planning and estimating will take into account regional variations, local market conditions and reflect the variety of specialised sectors.

Quant and Measur can provide cost planning and estimating services for client representatives, main contractors or sub-contractors. We are also in a position to directly represent the client. From cost planning to estimating, we provide a complete service.