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Whole life, escalation, funding applications, options analysis, phasing, discounted cash flows, sensitivity tests.

Predictability and control of costs are essential principles for all organisations cost management when planning and undertaking capital projects or programmes. At Quant and Measur we provide independent and impartial advice that can be trusted.

We pro-actively manage construction costs, from initial feasibility to final account, to ensure best value for our clients. We develop an in-depth understanding of our client’s business goals and become their champion in project delivery, empowering their business decisions with our depth of construction knowledge.

At Quant and Measur our team can tell you what you should be paying for a project, when, and how best to fund it. We can work out what a development will cost to complete and what it will cost over its lifetime. We can help you choose a procurement strategy and build a supply chain that will let you manage challenges like fluctuating costs.

Ultimately, it’s about confidence. By controlling the costs and understanding value, we minimise the risks – and that means you can be more confident in your projects succeeding.