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What we do

Commercial Management

The successful management of construction costs depends upon accurate and timely information to ensure effective decision making. From inception through to project completion and final payment we assist through informed evaluation of competing costs to determine best value criteria and ensure essential decisions are made correctly.

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Contract Procurement

An effective procurement strategy will successfully deliver the client’s aspirations, while the resulting contract terms and conditions will ensure confidence and certainty. We determine priorities and rationalise the elements of time, cost and quality in relation to the value judgments of the client, project conditions, information and resources available. We implement and manage the tendering, letting and contractual needs of projects, advising on maximising commercial interests.

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Cost Management

We actively control cost at all project stages to deliver ‘no surprise’ financial conclusions. We provide a range of cost management services, tailored to meet the requirements of each client. We incorporate change management procedures into project procurement to reliably predict the cost of emerging designs and setting & managing adherence to realistic budgets throughout the design and delivery phases of a construction project.

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